IRAN - Inspect and Repair As Necessary

During the "Defensiedagen Beauvechain 2002" of the Belgian Forces. The deep maintenance hangar of the SF.260 was open to the public. Beauvechain is also the home base of 5 smaldeel operating a fleet of SF.260M and SF.260D aircraft under command of the 1st Wing. I made some photo's on August 31, 2002.

SF.260, s/n. 10-26 mfd.1970, all parts removed until the bones.

ST-15, s/n. 10-15, mfd.1970, back from the paintshop, with interior and other areas painted white.

ST-19, s/n. 10-19, mfd.1970, being re-assembled

brand new wings await installation, life time 8.000 flight hours

necessary tools for rigging the flight controls

ST-26 at the doctor, with a look at the interior

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