Pilatus PC-7 and PC-9 in civilian markings.

by Hendrik van der Veen

HB-HAO     Pilatus PC-7     c/n. 101

Besides the large number of Pilatus PC-7 Turbo Trainers in military service around the world. There are a small number of aircraft wearing plain clothes. Four were used by an aerobatic demonstration team, others are individual owned. Factory prototypes and demonstrators are not included in the listing below.
Surplus military PC-7 and PC-9 trainers are slowly sold to private customers.

HB-HAO PC-7 101    
HB-HMU PC-7 137 F-GYSF, HB-HMU, A-903 (HB)  
N904A PC-7 312 A-904 (HB)  
HB-HPR PC-7 314 A-906 (HB)  
T7-FMA PC-7 315 A-907 (HB)  
T7-FUN PC-7 317 A-909 (HB)  
T7-PCS PC-7 318 A-910 (HB)  
F-HGPM PC-7 319 HB-HMV, A-911 (HB)  
HB-HOO PC-7 394   14 Jan 2000 accident; w/o
N517GM PC-7 395 N701RB, HB-HLP  
N657AS PC-7 447 3H-FI (OE)  
N828PC PC-7 479 SAF-111(?), HB-HMN  
N97GG PC-7 480 N61JD, F-GMED, HB-HMP  
N76XC PC-7 485 3H-FN (OE)  
N73KJ PC-7 487 3H-FP (OE)  
N807JH PC-7 498 N7TP, HB-HLB  
N519AH PC-7 519 HB-HMA, F-GMEA, HB-HMA  
F-GMEC PC-7 521 HB-HMC 04 Jun 1997 accident; w/o
N548MB PC-7 548 N128PC, HB-HLD  
N717LE PC-7 549 HB-HOQ  
HB-HMD PC-7 550   30 Oct 1988 accident; w/o
HB-HMX PC-7 551 OD1 (A2)  
TT-QAJ PC-7 558 TT-AAX, N976DM, F-GMEE, HB-HLE, T400 sold to Chad
N98VK PC-7 559 HB-HCM, T410  
N902AK PC-7 560 N560WA, HB-HLF, T420  
N870 PC-7 607 N4SZ, N656SZ, HB-HME  
N1NG PC-7 614 HB-HMO  
N60LT PC-7 615    
N901AK PC-7 616 HB-HMT  
N66PN PC-7 617 HB-HCV  
N618S PC-7 618 HB-HLG  
T7-HMR PC-7 MkII 010 HB-HMR  
N69LW PC-9 180 L9-51 (S5), S5-DSL, HB-HQM, 91-0071 (N), HB-HQM  
N69XC PC-9 182 L9-53 (S5), S5-DPI, HB-HQO, 91-0073 (N), HB-HQO  

photo's wanted of those civilian registered PC-7's and PC-9's, if you have some, please send me a copy

Royal Netherlands Air Force PC-7 fleet at rest

Swiss Air Force PC-7 Team; (click on the logo to go there)

T7-FMA     Pilatus PC-7     c/n. 315

T7-PCS     Pilatus PC-7     c/n. 318

HB-HMV     Pilatus PC-7     c/n. 319

N828PC     Pilatus PC-7     c/n. 479

N73KJ     Pilatus PC-7     c/n. 487

N7TP     Pilatus PC-7     c/n. 498

F-GMEA     Pilatus PC-7     c/n. 519

PH-JWF     Pilatus PC-7     c/n. 520

HB-HTC     Pilatus PC-7     c/n. 520

N128PC     Pilatus PC-7     c/n. 548

N976DM     Pilatus PC-7     c/n. 558

N98VK     Pilatus PC-7     c/n. 559

N560WA     Pilatus PC-7     c/n. 560

N4SZ     Pilatus PC-7     c/n. 607

N1NG     Pilatus PC-7     c/n. 614

N60LT     Pilatus PC-7     c/n. 615

N901AK     Pilatus PC-7     c/n. 616

HB-HCV     Pilatus PC-7     c/n. 617

HB-HLG     Pilatus PC-7     c/n. 618

HB-HRH     Pilatus PC-9     c/n. 248

last update: 20 Jun 2016.hhvdv

WARNING this information comes from a large number of sources. Don't blame me, if it is wrong. The Civil Aviation Authorities of the countries involved are the only official sources of the right information.