ST-23  SF.260MB  s/n. 10-23

location of external power connector on SF.260 and SF.260B models

In these early SF.260's the battery was located in the aft section of the tail. Access door "2" gives access to the battery compartment, the aircrafts manufacturer plate is also inside this compartment against the forward bulkhead. Behind door "1" is the receptacle for external power.

F-GMSF  SF.260WL  s/n. 502

location of external power connector on SF.260C and later models.

With the introduction of the SF.260C, the battery was relocated forward inside the fuselage. The battery can be reached by removing the back seat in the cockpit. With it the external power receptacle "3" was moved forward to a location between the aft edge of the cockpit and the wings trailing edge.

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