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Hendrik van der Veen


3rd Annual Frati Festival - 60th Anniversary of the first flight of the Falco

Falco & SF.260 Fly-in   -   23-24 May 2015   -   Old Buckenham airfield, United Kingdom

link Fly-in Old Buckenham

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Flyparty 2015   -   27-28 June 2015   -   Montagnana airfield, Italy

100th anniversary of the SIAI Marchetti company
60th anniversary of the Falco F8L first flight
50th anniversary of the SIAI Marchetti S.205 first flight
European meetings of Stelio Frati - SIAI Marchetti - Cessna Birddog aircraft


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I-OTIS     Siai Marchetti S.208     s/n. 4-52

I-MARL     Siai Marchetti S.205-22/R     s/n. 233


mystery S.205 at Vodice, Slovenia

can you help me

update: 15 Mar 2015.hhvdv

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